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Our Company

Mukashev Erlan Akmoldanovich

General Director

Tuleuov Nurzhan Kamzinovich

Chief engineer

Omarova Zhumabola Sundetbaevna

Head of Marketing Etalon

Established in 1946 and converted in 1993 to the production of high value-added production of sensors and other metal structures and products, Etalon Almaty Plant has become one of the leaders in Kazakhstan in its field.

- A leading producer of security equipment for banks and other administrative organizations;

- Manufactures Safes, Metal Office Furniture, metal cupboards, cupboards for firearms, doors, reinforced doors and other goods;

Also manufactures measuring devices such as the B-08 MA Calorimeter designed for the calculation of specific combustion temperatures of fuel, applied in the Fuel-Energy industry.