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Our BM-O2 calorimeter, virtually unique in its kind in the whole of CIS, stands as one of our most successful products to date, having been sold for decades throughout CIS.
It is used to calculate with accuracy the combustion temperatures of any fuel, and is thus very much in use in the Oil and Gas Industry and others.
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ЗАО "Химреактивснаб"
450006, Россия, г. Уфа,
ул. Пархоменко, 156/2
т/ф: (347) 282-57-90, 292-10-60

ООО «ИКФ АгроСервис»
220051, Республика Беларусь,
г. Минск, ул. Есенина, 130, пом. 12Г
т/ф: (37517) 376-66-21


Calorimeter B-08 MA `K`